Organic Products

By buying organic products, you not only enjoy premium quality but also participate in and empower our holistic mission to support the environment and promote sustainable organic agriculture.Our products includes:-

  1. Organic Wheat
  2. Mustard seeds
  3. Kidney beans rajma
  4. Jaggary and shakker
Benefits Of Organic Foods
  • Prevents premature agieng
  • Boosts immune system
  • Ensure safe and healthy world for future generation
  • Taste's better than non organic foods
  • Reduces presence of pesticides
  • Prevents cancer
  • Promotes animal welfare

Our Organic Products


The benefits of jaggery include its ability to cleanse your body, act as a digestive agent, sweeten your food in a healthy manner, and provide good amounts of minerals. Before we go into the details of the benefits of jaggery, let me tell you that all good things do not come in nice, good-looking packages. This is true for foods as well, particularly when we talk about jaggery.
Benefits of Jaggery
  • Prevent from constipation
  • Energy food
  • Immunity bolder
  • Reduces pm 5
  • Source of iron
  • Helps in skin problem
  • Controls body temperature
  • Joint pain relieve
  • Ear pain

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are a variety of the common bean, a legume native to Central America and Mexico.The common bean is an important food crop, and a major source of protein throughout the world.Used in a variety of traditional dishes, kidney beans are usually eaten well cooked.
Benefits of Kidney Beans
  • Full of fiber
  • Reduces choslesterol
  • Stables blood suger
  • Full of iron
  • Good of memory
  • Boost energy
  • Protein rich
  • Anti oxidant
  • Goods for kidneys
  • Lower heart attack risk

Mustard Oil

The health benefits of Mustard Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as a stimulant, irritant, appetizer, antibacterial, antifungal, insect repellant, hair vitalizer, cordial, diaphoretic, antirheumatic and tonic substance.
Benefits of Kidney Beans
  • Heart healthy food
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti fungal
  • Digestive aid
  • Skin healthy
  • Anti inflammatory & pain relieve


Pulses are part of a healthy, balanced diet and have been shown to have an important role in preventing illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.Pulses are very high in fibre, containing both soluble and insoluble fibre & protein.
Benefits of Pulses
  • Full of fiber
  • Contribute to healthy digestive system
  • Offer a generous amount of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps you feel fuller longer
  • Contains both proteins and carbohydrates
  • Lower blood cholesterol

Our Dairy Products


Ghee is a class of clarified butter and is commonly used in south asian cuisines , traditional medicine and religious ,rituals. Ghee is prepared by simmering butter which is churned from cream .Ghee plays important part of one life as a healthy food and is now accepted worldwide.
Benefits of Ghee
  • Can be used for coocking
  • Does not spoil easily
  • Does not course allergies
  • Rich in k2 and CLA
  • Improves digestion
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Prevents in weight loss
  • Nutritionally rich
  • Anti Inflammatory properties
  • Anti cancer properties